Sunday, March 18, 2007

Independant Writers Are Taking Over

I'm reposting this lovely offer--no, this life-changing venture for those of us having trouble getting published, choosing to go it alone, or faced with independant promotional issues. Really, this project is for any writer at any level who is interested in self-promotion and helping to promote his or her fellow self-published writer.

This post is from where the brilliant Jerry D. Simmons has come up with a plan to get the word out about independant writers and their wares. Writers of all description are welcome to join the community, as I encourage all of you putting pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard/typewriter) to do.

There is a new movement gaining momentum within the Independent Writing community, a new marketing program is about to be introduced that is designed to expand the marketplace for Independently Published books.

The goal of this exciting new program is to:
  • Increase sales for Independently Published books
  • Offer the Independent Writer a platform to market themselves as writers and authors, and
  • Develop a community of Independent Writers from around the world.
The focus is simple--bring together Independent Writers and Authors into a community that becomes a destination for readers of Independently Published books. Offering VOICES NEVER HEARD AND STORIES NEVER TOLD to readers everywhere.

Become part of the community that changes the face of publishing forever. For more information click the following links: PART 1; PART 2;PART 3; PART 4; and PART 5. If you want to become a part of this new community, click on Contact Jerry at the bottom of the page and send an email. Thank you.

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