Saturday, March 17, 2007

Forgive My Slackness

I meant to post a lot more this week. No, really. Normally, I would've spent half the week jabbering on about nipples and spankings and other such things, but it's been...let's just call it a long week. When I can think of something dirty enough to make this blog (consisting of more than I am sooo bored with porn now) I will update. Promise!


Cain said...


spank*SPANK* :)

xx,cain (bottoms Up, peeps!)

Sara Winters said...

Something tells me I'll have to provide pics. Lots of them.

Cain said...

Pics aren't necessary.

Am insightful, and invigorating description is far better than a zillion pictures thrown up on the screen.

Remember, it is in writing that we learn the fundemental lessons in life.

anyone can click a shutter. Write, and stir the pot of the imagination.