Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new idea happy dance

What's been happening with me since I fell from the blogosphere? (That's a weird word, isn't it? Yeah.) Let's see. There's a few things going on in my particular section of the planet.

1. I'm still working on my online serial. I want to have the first section (ebook) finished before I go live with the first chapters, but I'm really excted about it. If anyone wants first crack at giving me feedback, I'm always looking for fresh eyes from avid readers.

2. Remember that superawesome event and anthology I participated in for the M/M Romance group last year? It's on again. This time I'm writing a sweet love story set deep in the south. Ooh! I was inspired recently (like about twenty minutes ago), to make this story the first in a series I've been planning. Now I'm excited about this event in a completely new way. Can't wait until the stories start getting posted.

3. I just mortgaged my life to get my laptop fixed. So I'm now getting used to Windows 7 and being able to type without fear that my laptop will die in midstroke. Yay. I may even do some goofy promo vids with my webcam...as soon as I get over how much I hate being on camera. Tequila helps with that, right?

4. Holy crap, I love Fuck Yeah Gay Kisses. I have found my new favorite distraction while writing. That, and staring at hot pictures of Adam Levine. Do we need anything else in life?

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