Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh, that writing thing?

So far, Script Frenzy isn't so bad. I can say this because I'm transcribing an unfinished romance novel I've had on the back burner for eons. I've improved a little of the dialogue and reminded myself why I originally liked the story idea. I'm having a good experience writing it as a screenplay, but I haven't gotten to the unfinished part of the story yet. Look for me to be freaking out around the middle of next week.

Downside: I made my romantic hero a broker for a private firm on Wall Street. Yeah. I wrote this a loooooooong time ago. There is temptation to change his job, because who wants to read a story about that guy finding love? Of course, he is a dick at the beginning of the story. People will be able to identify with that much, at least. (And no, the power of her love does not magically turn him into a good person or heal all his wounds or any of that other unrealistic crap.) Hopefully I can make this thing work. Or find a job for him that won't make people hate him from the beginning.

Here's hoping I can finish this thing.

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