Tuesday, October 27, 2009

highly motivated

I can do this. I've updated my NaNo profile with my title, I've settled (somewhat) on a storyline and I'm ready to get running on my novel in November. This should be...something. It'll be my first time attempting NaNo when I have a job. My peak writing hours are usually the obscene wee hours of the night/morning - not the best time since I usually get home from work after 10. I'm going to be tiiiiiiired. Which means one of two things, either I do all of my writing in the daylight morning hours (my head hurts just thinking about it) or I write during my soap operas. That could work. My story is going to be full of drama. I could use the Young and the Restless as inspiration...or not. LOL

Now I just need my muse to not jump the gun. She keeps giving me ideas for the first few chapters. A week early. Heffer. Save it for November! I don't want to be burned out on ideas. I think (as always) this story could be amazing. I have no desire at all to lose my momentum on day three or something. I just need to pace myself. And stop this crazy deprivation of caffeine. It's been 12 days. I have a feeling November 1st will spell the end of my tea drought. I'd hate for my muse to stop speaking to me completely.

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