Tuesday, May 19, 2009

masturbation month

I first blogged about this two years ago, but neglected it last year. I can only guess that I'd gotten too sidetracked to remember (not to remember to do it, but to remember to mention it). Regardless of what I actually write here, I believe wholeheartedly in celebrating. Year round. Kind of like keeping the Christmas spirit, only with videos you can't share with the kiddies and a more diversified music selection.

So, May as masturbation month. I had planned to write some long convoluted entry about the joys of touching myself and blahblahblah. Skip that. You've done it, you liked it, you'll do it again. You'll have someone else touch you. You'll find new ways to stimulate yourself. Actually, that might be my assignment for the month (what's left of it). Do something solo you've never done before. Never had a toy? Find a store and go to town. I got a new toy in December with a super quiet motor and three speeds that did a heck of a lot more than I thought it would, especially on AAA batteries. Someone remind me to do a real review of it later. If you've never watched porn, invest in some (or visit one of several lovely free sites) and find something that peaks your...uh, interest. Interested in being a porn star yourself? Those same sites would love your videos or you could post pics/vids to your own blogs. I might even like to see a few. ;-)

How am I celebrating? Well, I'm not going to get in touch with myself so many times in one day my hand goes numb. Been there, done that. Twice. (Yes, you really can do it five times a day and still not be totally satisfied. Damn hormones.) I wonder if that happens to men - masturbating so much you hurt your hand. I wrote that into a story, but now I really want to know if men can sprain their fingers or if it would more of a wrist issue.

As I was saying, I'm celebrating my usual way, getting in touch with myself at least twice a week. I'm still working my way through a ton of DVDs I bought a few weeks ago, visiting pornhub and xvideos and (rarely) going without stimulation. I still don't see how people can get off to still photos, though there are a few that...give me pause. Mm. Yes, I am bad. But it feels so good.

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Mike Carson said...

What a great month!! And there another part that is in trouble long the hand or wrist...