Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Life of a Schizophrenic Writer

I figure I should do some sort of update today since it's been a while. Forgive me for this (half-assed) token effort in advance.

May is masturbation month. Yay. Not that I need an excuse, but still, it's nice to have one. Okay people, get a new toy, try a new position or just enjoy yourself while driving home from work (be careful LOL). Just celebrate it!

I haven't been posting much the past few weeks because...well because I've been feeling mighty crappy. I have been having second and third thoughts about my writing career (amazing what a review or lack thereof can do for you) and moping around. I've been writing off and on, but it feels like everything I write is bad. The thought of finishing any of my current serials/novels has me yearning to throw something and break it. I know, sexy right? I want to fill this blog with all the sexy, freaky things that pass through my mind on a semi-regular basis; it's hard when you're just not in a sexy mood. I spent most of today semi-promoting one of my other blogs. Yes, I was that bored/frustrated. I need a drink.

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