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New writing project for black male writers

I just got this on myspace and thought this would be a great place to pass it on.


Hello all:

I'm sending this on behalf of a writer friend of
mine named Antonio Crawford. He's trying to get a
new anthology together consisting of fiction and
nonfiction stories by black men written for black

He's already received several submissions of
poetry, but needs more short stories and positive
affirmations. If you're interested or know
someone who is, please refer to the guidelines
below. You can send the submission to

Thanks in advance!

James W. Lewis
www.jameswlewis. com
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Writer’s Guidelines for Womens’ Anthology
My Lady, My Lover, My Life
a book for black women by black men


1. Brothers, we are looking for fiction and
nonfiction short stories, and personal letters.
The writing should be encouraging, romantic,
funny and inspirational to our audience,
African-American women.

Kaizen Publication posed the question to black
women, "What do you want to hear from black men?
Tell us and we will go out and gather the answers
you need." The women replied with the responses
listed below.

Our sisters are in need of answers to their
questions, this anthology is our direct response.
Let’s provide honest answers in a way that is
pure, sincere, and from the heart to help build
up and not tear down our Queens.

The best story is the one inside of you, waiting
to be shared. We encourage you to write from your
heart with passion and emotion. Share your
creativity. Inspire our audience to laugh, love,
reflect, and enjoy life. Stories should not be a
eulogy, a sermon, a lecture, or excessively

2. Kaizen Publication posed the question to black

“What do you want to hear from black men?”

The women replied with the responses below. These
are the answers our women need, through this
anthology. Together, let’s provide the answers.

Responses to “What do you want to hear from

... We want men to share their feelings from
their hearts.

... We want to hear more from the blood
brothers-to- sisters relationships (the closeness
of siblings and the siblings who hold us up).

... Please speak to the issue of absenteeism from
the children when a relationship ends.

... Why are black women referred to as strong
women when others are referred to as beautiful?

... What can we do as women to help our men be
more compassionate to who we are?

... Help the relay between us, become smoother -
based on how we are supposed to be.

… We want to know what defines a good woman?

… We want to know if the good woman you define,
is also the good woman you want?

… And is a good woman desirable?

... We want to hear honest answers to why some
black men choose women of other races

The best story is the one inside of you, waiting
to be shared. We encourage you to write from your
heart with passion and emotion. Share your
creativity. Inspire our women to laugh, love,
reflect, and enjoy life.

3. Entries must support the theme “My Lady, My
Lover, My Life.” Each entry should aim to
a message that is uplifting with an outcome of
virtue (satisfaction, joy, laughter, romance,
merit, and good).

4. Chapter topics may cover a variety of areas:
History, Culture, Romance, Friendship, Love,
Faith, Family, Marriage, Parenting, Children,
Internal Beauty, Relationship and the things we
experience in every day life.

5. Authors will maintain exclusive rights to
their work. The text length should be between
350-1200 words for personal letters and short
stories. Our editors and publishing team reserves
the right to edit any submission for errors,
grammar, transition flow, context structure,
accuracy and brevity.

6. Authors may submit their work by completing
the questionnaire and providing a personal letter
or short story to Kaizen Publication LLC. Entries
must meet the following criteria:

* Typed
* 12pt, Times New Roman Font
* Double-spaced
* One-inch margins
* Ordinary white 8.5 x 11 typing paper

7. Send all entries to the following address and
include a self-addressed, stamped, envelope
(SASE). Entries that are not selected cannot be
returned without prepaid postage. Manuscripts
received that do not follow the guidelines may be
discarded or returned immediately.
Kaizen Publication LLC
Attention: KP Publishing Staff
3550 Manthey Road
Suite F, PMB 228
Stockton, California 95206
email: books@kaizenpublica
web: www.kaizenpublicati

8. If entries are accepted, the authors will
receive correspondence confirming their entry by
email or U.S. mail within thirty days for
acceptance and final proofing.

9. Contributing writers who are selected will
receive $100 for short stories and $50 for
personal letters. A $15% discount off the market
price for any additional book orders and listed
on our executive list of authors. No other
claims, expressed or implied are offered by
Kaizen Publication or any of its members in
connection with this project.

10. Questionnaire Submission:

Author’s name:

Mailing Address:

Contact Number:

Best time to contact you:

Provide a brief Bio summary:

Note: If you want your manuscript returned, you
must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
Manuscripts will not be returned without pre-paid
postage and may be discarded after 14 days of

James W. Lewis
www.jameswlewis. com
Check out a few wild excerpts at jameswlewis. blogspot. com

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