Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sex Education

On another subject, Palin and Bush have both provided examples of policies that don't work. Abstience only sex education not only didn't work for Palin's own daughter, it increased the teen pregnancy rate in Texas while Bush was governer AND after he left and it hasn't been shown to work ANYWHERE it's been implemented.

I took at least three sex ed classes when I was in school and they tried every method. Biological teachings, disease scare tactics and telling us we could get condoms at the clinic and what our other options were for people who were going to do it anyway. People are so afraid to be honest with their children, they don't realize that a little bit of a common sense goes a long way. Just because a teenager "should" know how to get birth control if they need it or "should" be able to abstain doesn't mean they will.

Questions of morality aside, is it better parenting to let your child do what they're going to do knowing they'll get in trouble for asking about birth control or let them take responsibility for their own decisions? I know what my answers are. I'm not saying schools should have to teach children about birth control, but for parents who are too scared do it themselves, they shouldn't be prevented from trying to do something proactive.

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