Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lazy is Not a Choice, It's a Lifestyle

The title of this blog is story of my life these days. I'm writing. Really, I am. Just not here. Or anywhere that counts. Wait, that sounds wrong.

Okay, I'm writing fanfiction and other things that keep my mind occupied while I debate the questionable nature of my ongoing original fiction projects. I will finish everything on my computer one day, as soon as I stop starting new stories every time I...get an idea for one. Yeah. The day my muse shuts up for good is the day my other personality takes it out on innocent bystanders. I just have to live with the fickle bitch until I can get some more published.

Speaking of that, I totally remembered yesterday that I'm supposed to be rewriting The Pleasure Palace. Fancy that, it only took since like February or something for my muse to whisper that in my ear. Oops.

While I'm at the "projects that might get done one day--forreal" stage, I bought a digital voice recorder for my birthday. One of these days, I'm going to record an audio version of Plaything. If for no other reason than to put my sex line operator voice to good use. Who knows? Maybe that'll make the story hot. Anyone interested in hearing me talk about sex against a door?

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