Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Four Delightful Divas for Plaything!

Chris Washington endured a turbulent childhood with his parents sending him mixed messages about religion and sexuality. As an adult Chris has achieved fame and fortune but has yet to truly find his sexual balance as a man.

Until he meets, Desiree.

The one night Chris spends with Desiree is everything he's ever desired and some things he never imagined. Relinquishing control to this stranger is something he never thought of doing. As the night proceeds both Chris and Desiree take turns relinquishing control leading to a pivotal and highly sensual love scene.

Plaything is a blazingly erotic short story that will definitely keep you turning pages. However, the connection between Chris' deprived sexual nature and his upbringing was quickly lost after the first few pages. This made it difficult to really relate to Chris and the lifestyle he'd chosen for himself. Desiree's character was a complete mystery. There was no rhyme or reason for her appearance or disappearance from Chris' life. But as one night stands go, Sara Winters has penned a winner.

4 Delightful Divas

Love them for reviewing my novella. Thanks guys!

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