Friday, February 29, 2008

High-Five Fridays #7

Look, I was trying not to be lazy this week. I actually posted something in my blog other than links. So don't call me late with this!

1. Frozen Silence. I discovered this "Minimalistic classical new-age project" while looking for music for my Plaything trailer. The songs are beautiful and quite a few of them are free from the website.

2. I know I'm behind a few other people. I'm too lazy to create a profile just yet (that may change), but it's a great site to stream (and sometimes download) music for free, and not just from artists you've never heard of, though you'll find plenty if that's what you're looking for. You can create playlists, join groups, etc. Ideal for the true music addict.

3. Obama fanatics can be so creative. LOL I hope they're paying attention to the issues too. (No, I don't know where you can buy them.)

4. For the lazy blogger in all of us: Why am I highlighting this (since I'm posting on blogger and, presumably, so are most of the people who would respond to this)? 1. Because Google doesn't feel it necessary to tell people about things they're changing/working on in relation to the site and 2. when signed in through this version of the site, it allows for bloggers to schedule posts. What does that mean? If you set a post to appear at a future time/date, instead of automatically posting it when you hit publish, the software will save the post until the time you've set. So, if you're like me (someone who doesn't post for a month and then suddenly gets ideas for 6 blog entries in one day), or if you go on vacation, you can make it appear as if your blog is getting updated regularly. This might come in handy for certain Blushing Ladies or a disappearing Whore of the Marketing variety. ;-) That is, if it'll work on their respective sites.

5. Nudeography is getting all hot and bothered about a gold-dipped Angelina in Beowulf. Maybe the movie doesn't suck either. I don't know if anyone's noticed just yet.

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Silent-Porn-Star said...

Dude! #4 sooooo rocks! So all you do is login at that URL and do what you do, but set a future date/time and it posts the post at that future date? Honestly? Have you tried it?

I knew wordpress had such a feature (but not a a separate URL) and so I was tempted to switch, for traveling, deadlines etc. (not as much of the first one as I'd like lol). But HO-Momma, this would be so much easier.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

What's spooky is knowing that should Obama get no where near to the White House, those shoes will be worth a small fortune in about fifty years...

Sara Winters said...

silent-porn-star, I did it the other day. The main thing you'll see is that instead of "draft" in your list of posts, it will read "scheduled," and you'll get a similar message when you hit publish.

doubledeckerbusguy, I'm sure Obama will find a way for those shoes (and his policies) to carry him where he needs to go this year. ;-)

Pop Tart said...

Sara, I suspect you've earned yourself plenty of high-fives for next week with #4.

(The bad news, you'll have to have plenty of fascinating posts for all the traffic we send you lol)

I'm up, up -- and, now, away!

Marketing Whore said...

#4 is post-worthy indeed (and I shall now stockpile posts against further illness ~ once I am more tip-top).

I too am lazy (phobic) about making more profiles... Even when well.

Gracie said...

Back with the 'racier' link ;)

Must also say that my word verification word is "volmoey" and for some reason that's cracking me up like crazy. I am COL (Cackling Out Loud)

PS Yeah, you have to be registered to comment at SK, but it's *free* and you can start threads at the message boards and whore you links (when relevant) and whore your site in your profile...

SlipOfAGirl said...

I don't get the whole Beowulf thing... Why not just film it? You have someone as gorgeous as Angelina Jolie and you don't go with people and flesh? I'm just not getting that.

And #4 is something I'm definitely going to look into -- thanks!

I'm up here and here.

Val Gryphin said...

Ummmmmm, Angelena!

My very late peeking at your links :) The flu knocked me on my @$$!