Friday, February 15, 2008

High-Five Fridays #5

1. The perversion of candy. Yes, I like that sweet, sticky, melt-in-your-mouth-sinful goodness as much as the next person, but must we turn it into something dirty? Perhaps this ad with Green M&M wrapping her legs around a tree while handcuffed is supposed to represent a tree hugger, but it just screams candy porn to me. Is that a new genre? Fetish? What would you even call that?

2. Hey look, free books! You know I'm a sucker for a good read. And they come with reviews.

3. I came across this a few weeks back and I want to highlight it. For those unaware, I have this kind of writer's worship thing with Stephen King. The article he wrote on What Ails the Short Story for the New York Times was akin to him reaching out from my computer, shaking my shoulders and telling me to get it together! Writing for editors/publishers rather than readers does not a good story make. I think more writers should take their craft seriously, in spite of the financial windfalls of just throwing any set of cliches together and taking people's money. Then again, I'm not all that productive lately, am I? Well, quality occasionally takes time. ;-)

4. Last Friday I went to a show (headlined by legend Roberta Flack, who politely declined to be photographed/videotaped) and shot some great video of former American Idol contestant Stephanie Edwards. I have two great videos of her on YouTube now, one of her singing, How Come You Don't Call Me? which you may remember as her first live performance on Idol and the first ever live performance of Moving On, an original composition from her upcoming album. I did inform her I would be posting both. ;-) Both videos are available for download at the link. Due to the file size requirements from YouTube, the download available has higher picture and sound quality than the viewable online version. Hope you enjoy.

5. Lookin' Good For Jesus Cosmetics. There. Are. No. Words. I'm not especially religous, but I don't want anything with Jesus on the bottle on my bits and pieces. Maybe that's just me. IMO, BlueQ tried to be funny/cute and fell short.

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SlipOfAGirl said...

The M&M candy porn is so... so... fascinating. But then I might have bough a Lolita bed -- for myself :p

I'm high-fivin' here and here. Remember not to hate me because I am dutiful...

Silent-Porn-Star said...

Stephanie Edwards... The name doesn't even ring a bell -- and seeing her doesn't even help me. Am I retarded? Maybe I was getting busy with green M&Ms lol (So stealing that ad, btw.)

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Oddly enough, the green M&M is not all that exciting to me... call me weird.

As for the "Lookin' Good for Jesus" (which in this case, SHOULD be pronounced "Hey-Seuss",) I am reminded of once catching a brief bit of "The 700 Club" one hung-over Sunday morning, where the late Tammy Faye wept her way (with appropriate streaking makeup) while she explained how Jesus told HER that she could where as MUCH makeup as she liked 'cuz it was "making his creation even more beautiful."

...I kid you not...

Pop Tart said...

Too scared to click and see the kitsch god makeup. Tammy Faye scared me to -- but then I was living in Virginia and that was a strange ride in those times... Maybe later, when I'm more brave I'll click and see ;)

Congrats, Sara, on beating Val this week!

Val Gryphin said...

oooh I want some "virtuous vanilla" lip balm!

And drat you for beating me this week - it is on *g* ;)