Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Blog Abandonment Excuse List

This will be extended as necessary.

Why have I not been posting lately? Easy to answer:

1. I've been working on a parody/drama/semi-erotic bit of craziness (that Sequin reference under my blogger profile) and haven't been able to pull myself away to do much else. No, really. I've been working on it even though I haven't been posting that either. I will so be updating sometime this year.

2. I'm working on a romance novel. I actually made decent progress on this one once I figured out what sucked about the original 6 1/2 chapters. It shall progress to something publishable one day. Probably.

3. I'm rewriting The Pleasure Palace. Yes, even with that review, the book is not up to my standards. For one, it'll be about twice as long. And maybe not quite as graphic. Don't panic! It'll still be all sexy and fun and stuff, but I want to focus more on the storyline and less on the different positions my characters are in. Yes, I intend to use that as a selling point.

4. I'm still attemping to finish my lovely NaNoWriMo mainstream fiction masterpiece. Something about a character who's crying over his dead wife has made it a little difficult to finish, but I will get to it. I think it contains my best writing to date. VERY excited about finishing this one.

5. I'm working on a Harry Potter fanfic. Yeah, I know. Sexy, right? The story is a good distraction project when my brain wants to explode from the other things I'm writing on. Besides, magic is fun. Speaking of magic...

6. I'm working on a my own (original character/setting) fantasy novel. Not sexual fantasy, but magic and witches and dragon fantasy. Woo. Hoo. I'm a bit ashamed that the HP story has passed it in wordcount, but I can fix that by finishing the current chapter and starting the next. Assuming I get around to that one day.

7. I'm a little upset with myself for not stealing Angie from Brad when I thought about it. Apparently, he saw her in those leather pants and thought the same thing I did. Only he did something about it. Now I gotta wait till she has yet another kid before stealing her. Damn it. Nobody blames you Brad. I suppose I can start another book to distract myself in the meantime.

8. I only have one idea for a post topic. No, this was not it.

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