Monday, January 21, 2008

Review: Rendezvous in Rio

Rendezvous in Rio by L. Rosario

For six months, Elena and Rodrigo have carried on a love affair via modern technology. The time has come for them to take things one step further, and for this, they must be face to face...

The first thing I have to say is, this story is HOT. From the premise to the execution, the story of two strangers meeting for what is presumed to be a hot first-time encounter does not fail to please. Blending vivid description with sensual tension-filled suspense made for a short story I could not put down and didn't want to end. Elena, I think, embodies what every woman would go through meeting a lover for the first time - fear of acceptance, anxiousness to find her feelings reciprocated, and desires aching to be fulfilled. Rodrigo represents the perfect fantasy lover - understanding, passionate and gorgeous, easily seducing the nervous Elena into fulfilling both of their fantasies not long after their first meeting.

L. Rosario has a gift for creating a beautifully sensual scene without graphic language or making one feel as if the story took a back seat to sex. Without hesitation, I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a highly sensual short read. A definite 5 out of 5.

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