Saturday, January 19, 2008

High-Five Fridays: The Virgin Issue

Whoooo do you looooove?

Okay, excuse the bad singing. Here are the five websites (yes, I narrowed it down) I've been clicking on repeat this week or have stood out in recent memory.

1. Nothing Binding - hot site for self-published writers.

2. Just Jared - hilarious celebrity gossip site. I spent the better part of Monday laughing over Ellen's dirty comment to Daniel Radcliffe about his tongue skills.

3. Jorge and Heptagrama - the web summed up. Articles on a range of subjects in English and Spanish. Visit to find out how you can contribute.

4. Gracie @ The Marketing Whore - yes, I really do visit just about every day. Never mind that I'm too lazy to respond most days. Keep your eye here for great marketing tips, or even a good laugh. ;-)

5. Erotica fans @ Facebook - apparently, the previous admins abandoned the group, so I took it over. If you're on Facebook, join us and contribute.


Find out how to give your High-Five Fridays here!

The purpose of this meme is to give high-fives to 5 people, posts, blogs and/or websites you've admired during the week. I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 5 high-fives on Friday. Trackbacks, pings, linky widgets, comment links accepted!

Visiting fellow High-Fivers is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your High-Fives in others comments (please note if NWS).


Marketing Whore said...

Hey, your Mister Linky isn't er, linking... Marketing Whore's post is here, and there's also Blushing Ladies' Journal (NWS) and Sex-Kitten too (NWS) ~ each is different or wouldn't bother to post the code lol

Anywho, glad to have made your list ~ that wasn't required, you know :P

I'm shooting you an email (once I continue the rounds), so if you don't hear from me soon, elbow me real hard ;)

Val said...

I know my week isn't complete without a day without pants!

I actually spent a good part of yesterday reading your blog, and I am still laughing over that picture down on your page!

Sara Winters said...

It's not linking? Probably because I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm doing. ;-) I'll try to fix it.

Silent-Porn-Star said...

Now Mr Linky is gone completely (perhaps because you are working on it lol). If you need help, let me know and I'll see if I can help. (But I can still link the old-fashioned way lol)

I'm find many news sites this way! (Work will likely suffer for it, but I'm ok with that lol)

Silent-Porn-Star said...

OMG, could I have used one more LOL in that post? I should have to put a quarter in a jar or something. :sigh:

Sara Winters said...

Screw it. I'll get it right next week.

D Pop Tart said...

I don't mind you singing at all -- for two reasons:

A) I was thinking the same thing and singing to myself when posting

which brings us to B) perhaps your voice will cover mine up :p

I'm up here, here, & here. (Each is different!)

SlipOfAGirl said...

Ah, look at Sara suck up to Gracie -- right after she sucked up to her too yet! Girls, do you want to tell us something? Confession is good for your souls -- and wonderful entertainment for me :p

I posted my high-fives both here and here.