Friday, April 6, 2007

TCM Reviews Takes On Plaything

I've gotten a new review for my erotic novella Plaything. Check it out! You can also visit IBA's store and read the preview of the story.

Reviewed by Jasmina Vallombrosa

Chris Washington, one of the world’s hottest celebrities, is busy recalling the exact moment of when his curiosity and desire for S&M began. While he is definitely aware that he is the current sex symbol and fantasy of millions of adoring fans, he is a bit weary at exploring their dedication as the last thing he needs is to be is highlighted in the gossip columns. So, with these thoughts, and taking an innocent trip from the glorious sun of Southern California to the misty London fog across the world, fate ends up answering all of his questions.

From a chance encounter at a local café, his mind and thoughts are captured by the beautiful Desiree. With luscious long hair and mischievous eyes, she has a crazy way of lighting his body and mind on fire. As she takes him into the fantasy world of S&M, he quickly finds out that while the dog collar may be his accessory of choice, his lady lust is the perfect mistress.

With the joys of dominance and subservient sexual foreplay drifting through the plot, I really enjoyed this short yet very sweet story. While the plot kept me flipping the pages and on the edge of my seat, the steamy and tantalizing love scenes certainly raised my pulses. I loved the way Ms. Winters intertwined romance and sex all into one delicious read; one doesn’t need dessert!

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