Sunday, April 9, 2006

Thoughts Trapped In My Head Tonight

In no particular order, a list of what the voices in my head are discussing tonight.

I'm bad with deadlines. I know I am. When I worked for that stupid paper, I was usually the first person to take an assignment and the last to turn it in. If I wasn't at least halfway talented, the editor would've lost patience with me quickly. (No comment on what eventually happened.) So why did I agree to write for this website? Image hosting by Photobucket I've got a good concept and the beginning of a story, but not much in the way of the 40 or so pages I need. Admittedly, I've been going through some foolishness lately, but that's not entirely an excuse. It's not that I can't write when I know someone is expecting it, but I have to allow my neurotic mind to obsess over every syllable until it's perfect, this blog being the exception.

For example, if I send her the first part of the story tonight, I'll find a dozen corrections to make tomorrow. If this woman is going to run a website, she doesn't need me driving her crazy sending her the same 5 pages 3 times. Should I learn to be perfect the first time? Image hosting by Photobucket *sigh* If only my KOPD readers knew how I drive myself crazy.

I saw something last week that I wanted to laugh at, but it was too sad. I was in Olive Garden waiting for my take-out order. One of the managers was waiting for available tables so she could seat the next waiting customers. She started coughing, went on for about 3 minutes. At the end of her coughing fit, why was the first thing out of her mouth, "I need a cigarette"? Image hosting by Photobucket Um... wouldn't that be why your lungs are crap anyway? Image hosting by Photobucket

For the first time in a loooooong time, I'm listening to Jodeci's Forever My Lady. I know I was a kid when this came out, but I don't even remember why I was so into Jodeci way back when. Why didn't anyone tell me this thing was so godawful cheesy?! Maybe that's what I liked about it then, but listening to it now reminds me of every bad early 90s song all over the radio. Besides, every time I listen to the title song, I substitute "Forever Shenaynay" and start cracking up. Martin was so wrong for that one.

Is it wrong that when looking at hair products on a website, I want to write to the company and ask them where the model bought her hair? It's quite pretty. I bet she paid good money for it. Image hosting by Photobucket Hell, if their products do that for REAL, I'll do endorsements for them for free. We'll see about that one.

I had a weird dream last night. I was in a room with this chick who goes by Michelle, L, B, and her man. Is it wrong that I turned to B and said, "I think I'm the only person in this room that's not sexually attracted to you" and she started laughing so hard her face turned bright red and she began choking? I think I started laughing in my sleep. I think that might be her reaction in real life.

I have no idea how I picked up the nickname Peanut Butter Brownie the other day. L? Maybe I shouldn't mention that she said she wanted to eat brownie later.

I'm turning off this damn Jodeci CD now.

I need to move out of this house. Did anyone else know that the Salvation Army actually provides rooms to people who need a place to stay? I'd be wrong to go there with my laptop though, I'm sure. I wonder, if I volunteer at the homeless shelter downtown will they let me stay to get away from my family? Or I could check myself into one of those nice clinics with the colorful pill candy. Hmm. It is time for another vacation.

If I wasn't afraid of breaking out again, I'd eat one of the aforementioned brownies.

Wish me luck with my erotic ramblings. Image hosting by Photobucket

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