Saturday, July 8, 2006

I Should Be Writing

I should be writing, but... yeah. *sigh* I have the blahs.

Oh, I'm sure it's not writer's block. I wrote a short story Wednesday that got decent reviews. Not great, but good enough for the type and length of story. I just...I can't seem to work on this story I started in April. Or the novel I was supposed to finish last fall (or 3 years ago). Or any of the half dozen unfinished short stories sitting around my house. Or the 5-8 novel ideas and segments I've got floating around my head and in word docs on my laptop.

What is wrong with me???

I should be able to get SOMETHING down on paper without, you know, yawning. I'm excited about several of the storylines, the characters are interesting (at least I hope they are) and there is interest from my friends and others in the finished product. So why can't I produce something?

I haven't written more than a few paragraphs (save for that short story the other day) in a little more than 3 weeks. I was under a little stress at that point, but you'd think my brain would've recovered enough to let me get some "real" work done.

See, that's the part that's strange. I was inspired to write that story that day, so I just did it. I'm DYING to finish The Pleasure Palace, but the end of Chapter 8 eludes me. Why? I have 9 and 10 pretty much written out in my head, but 8 is being stubborn.

Am I just allergic to the idea of completing a story longer than 30 pages? Someone, anyone, come fix me!!!

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