Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Aug 26th

It's that time again! Six sentences from my novella, The Strength of a Man.

“You sure?”

“Just touch me already!”

James's laugh was smothered as Kurt kissed him again, pushing him back onto the bed. Kurt held James's head in place with a shaking hand, his kisses going from pushy to soft in the amount of time it took James to run his hand up the back of Kurt's jeans to the bit of skin bared by the back of his shirt. Kurt slowed the kiss until it was nothing more than torturous little pecks, soft bits of himself he shared with James, a little flick of his tongue, a pant of hot breath across his cheek, the slide of lips against stubble and hot skin.

James ran his hand up Kurt's back and Kurt arched into the touch like a preening cat, his lips breaking contact with James long enough to whisper, “Tell me how much you want me.”

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Heather Boyd said...

Now that's a kiss! Great six.

Jess Schira said...

I agree with Heather. That's quite the kiss :) Great six!