Thursday, February 2, 2012

dissenting voices

I'm always unsure of my writing, but that's only a part of the problem. Even when it's good (or great or just the voices in my head high on caffeine), I can't ever be sure. I can't be sure people will read it the way I want them to (how do I mass program random readers??). I can't be positive I've expressed myself in a way that is clear, used words that evoked the right emotions at the right time or left no room for questioning where my story and characters are going without beating people over the head with the facts as I see them.

I am a doubter.

I don't know what to say, who to ask, how many times to proofread before it's right. I don't know when too many words are cluttering the page or when I'm not saying enough to say it just right. When is it right? When does it fall short? When is it perfect for me? For anyone? Is it always just short of capturing that feeling for everyone or just the one who reviewed? What makes the difference between three stars and four? Four and five? A one star rating for not being porn or a five star rating for not being porn? Who decides what's fair in a review or unfair to ask of reviewers or overstepping as writers or constitutes "personal" comments in a review?

Are writers too sensitive or reviewers not sensitive enough?

All things to ponder as I contemplate putting a piece of my soul out into the world again.

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