Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures of an Internet Ninja

What have I been up to the past few weeks? (Besides writing. I think we all know the voices in my head never shut up.) Trying to make my website all fancysexy so potential readers of my ongoing serial can find everything easily. No, you haven't missed anything. I'm using the term "ongoing serial" to describe a story I haven't finished and haven't started posting yet. What I'm working on is setting up a subdomain of my website just for this story and getting the posts to show up all pretty.

Well, mission partly accomplished. After reading several tutorials (and drinking untold gallons of extra strong tea), I managed to get the wordpress software installed where and how I need it. Yay! Bonus points for not throwing my laptop across the room in the process. So, now what? I have to figure out to fix this issue with the posts.

Basically, every time I create a new post, the post id number should go up by 1. What I have discovered is every time I edit a post that's already been created, the next post after that is off by one number.

For example, say I post the first five chapters of my story and discover a typo in chapter four (there is a strong likelihood of this happening). Once I edit the post, that should be the end of it. But when I create the next chapter, the post id will automatically become seven instead of six. Bad, Wordpress script! Bad! Why does it do this? This is an internet mystery that has yet to be solved. (Seriously, I've found people complaining about this on the help forum going back as far as 2005.)

So, my choices are 1. to edit the database manually, post by post, every time I have to edit. 2. take the post id number out of each permalink, potentially confusing readers who may be using that to make sure they're reading the chapters in sequence, 3. take the post id out and make the number a part of the post title or 4. never, ever make a typo (or don't correct them if I do).

Number two seems the easiest solution, yes? (*sigh* Or three.) Annoying, but easy. But...but...I want it to look perfect! Without extra effort! (Insert various levels of whining and a little frustrated trinket throwing here.) Alas, I have not figured out how to make this thing work without my nontechie self having to screw around with the database after every edit, potentally screwing things up in a way I won't know how to undo.

Someone save me. Or find me a help post that, you know, helps. I'll give you cookies?

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