Friday, March 11, 2011

art imitating life

It's strange. I've spent weeks worrying about the plot of my next book - is it plausible? predictable? too convenient? - and now I'm sure that it is none of those things. Or, maybe it is and that doesn't matter anymore. Now I'm laughing at how worried I was. I mean, how many romance novels feature otherwise implausible plots? The fun thing about this one is, I read in someone's blog the other day that something pretty damn close to what I'm planning to write happened to her. I don't read this blog very often, so that was good timing, yes? Divine intervention so I can get this thing going, right? Right now, I'll take all the motivation I can get.

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Mike Faricy Author said...

Sara, Maybe its simply a matter of life once again being stranger than fiction. Happy writing,