Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sticky and sweet

I'm working on some short stories right now. I would be working on the book I mentioned a while ago, but the muse has decided to be stubborn about a future plot point I disagree with. Until I beat her into submission, we're not working on that one.

I'm kind of excited about this one short where the main character owns a bakery. It means I can make all kinds of inappropriate references to cream filling and licking cream and putting things in a hot oven. Hm. Maybe that's only hot to dessert addicts. Oh well. It's a light, fun kind of piece.

Speaking of light fun, I also have a short story that's looking for a home. It's rather light on the romance and heavy on the erotic, so I'm not quite sure where it'll end up, but I'll figure something out soon.

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