Tuesday, February 8, 2011

spreading love

Don't mind me, I'm always scatterbrained.

So, I forgot to mention in my last post: I got a new domain.

At some point I hope to do interesting things like hold contests and give away stuff (I'll think of what later), but first I just want to get some of my free short stories that have disappeared from the net back online. If you click on the free section, you'll just see one story right now. Sorry, it's one of my non-erotic works. But if you're into some light spiritual reading, the story is available from lulu.com as a pdf and directly from my website as an epub file. When I figure out how to fix the page at lulu (or just work around them), I'll upload Plaything as an epub for anyone in the market for it.

In the meantime, you may content yourselves with gazing lovingly at my bookcover one post down. I'm thinking about doing postcards or bookmarks of it. Anyone want one?

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