Saturday, August 14, 2010


I finally got around to reviewing the fabulous Magic University: the Siren and the Sword. Only issue? The site where people can buy the book is having serious linkage issues.

Does it make sense to post the review here when 1. no one can buy it and 2. I can't cross-post my review at the site?

I could post it at amazon, but it won't be available on paperback until the fall. Hm. I feel like I've been stalking the site this week trying to get the link to work using the powers of my mind. Yeah. Since that hasn't been working, I switched to just working on my story. I've made decent headway into chapter five.

Back to the original question: post or no? Would it make a difference to readers if they could buy a book immediately or if they'd have to wait on the glitches to disappear?

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