Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kobo still hates me


A few days after my last whiny kobo post, I heard about a fix for not being able to read my books (the ones I've bought/downloaded and then uploaded to Kobo through Calibre software because the Borders desktop app is stupidface). Basically, remove the 100 books that come with the Kobo. I figured since they're doing a massive software update (I signed up for early access), it would be all right to put the original 100 back on. After all, I do want to read Mansfield Park and a few of the others one day.

Yeah, not so much.

The update was a "success." If by that one means I can now use a sleep mode I don't care about, still can't sync it with my computer, still can't read my other books, but the LED color changes when it's done charging. Yay? Thanks for nothing. (Yes, I am bitter about other things right now and this does not help. No, this entry would not read much differently if I wrote it in the morning.) Now, if I take the 100 books off again, will I have to delete and reload my 174 books again - 10 at a time - and force the Kobo to take them? Why do I have to pick one or the other?!

*sigh* If I have nothing to do at work next week, I think I'll spend a couple of hours on the phone with the customer service people.


Suzanne said...


Have you not called them yet? I've had to do that a few times with some updates that caused some icky software issues (not Kobo-related, but still...)

I'm sorry that new toy is sick. At this point, would it be a solution to actually return it and get a full refund? I have heard fine things about the Kobo eReader, and people seem generally satisfied, so it does sound like you're in a unique situation or something.


Sara Winters said...

No, I haven't called them. It's not as evil as it sounds. I'll get over not being able to read the 100 books. I just have the feeling I'll be looking forward to software updates for a while to come.