Friday, July 27, 2007

The Best Kind of Sexy

What does it take to be sexy? Some would say it takes good looks. Others will go further and add a skimpy designer wardrobe, sky-high heels, and artificially inflated body parts. I think the one thing that makes us our sexiest is confidence.

Yes, confidence. The one thing that's easier to destroy than a $400 pair of stilettos.

I, for one, am not attracted to plastic titties, hideous hair color jobs, acrylic nails or any other thing that takes away from someone's natural looks. (Is it any wonder I have trouble finding porn I can get into?) If you think stuffing and primping yourself makes you look good, knock yourself out. With over 6 million of us around, you're bound to find someone who likes you the way you are--or the way you've altered yourself.

For me, the sexiest thing about someone is when they love themselves the way they are. Even if it includes split ends and a raggedy pair of jeans, the best thing you can show to a potential parter is that you don't change yourself to please other people, you don't become something else because it's what other people find attractive, you do you and love every minute of it. I can't say how many times I've found myself talking to guys I might not have looked twice at based on looks, but I couldn't look away once they had me engaged in conversation. People who radiate confidence in themselves, and yes, in their looks, are ten times more attractive than pretty people who hang their heads low and base their confidence on what other people think.

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