Thursday, March 8, 2007


There is no better feeling for the mind or body than the act of release. Whether it's taking a long, hot bath to let go of tension at the end of the day or the glorious feeling at the end of a satisfying sexual experience, letting our bodies go limp and our minds fly free can be a part of a beautiful and powerful journey.

I'd wondered for years if Tantric Sex was really all it was cracked up to be. I mean, how can meditation and the like improve your sexual experiences? Does intense mental focus really make things that much better? LOL Apparently so. I tried it and all I can say is, you'll never refer to "popping the cork" lightly again once you learn how to do it with your mind first.

It's as if your mind leaves your body and you're floating above yourself, connected to an individual and to all of creation at once. Energy and lifeblood flows through you in waves and your body feels at once all powerful and powerless in this vast universe.

I have yet to find out if it's possible to experience that deep, spiritual type of release with someone I'm deeply in love with. Unfortunate, I know. I'd love to find out if it's really stronger when magnified by other feelings or if our brains can be tricked into reaching this kind of peak whether we're with a perfect stranger or with a love of 20 years. One day, I hope to find out.

BTW, the lovely photo that I've dubbed "protein shoe polish" was provided by one of my handsome husbands. Thanks sweetie!


Tom Paine said...

Husbands? You should drop by. The name of the blog is "Polyamorously Perverse."

Al Sensu said...

I think it would be more effective as a facial than as shoe polish.

Sara Winters said...

tom, if I ever decide to make honest men of them, I'll consider it. ;-)

al sensu, I'll have him take that into consideration for next time.