Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hot meat in your box

Sometimes, doing a random search on Limewire presents one with interesting results. So what did I find the other night while I was looking for adult videos? Something from bigsausagepizza.com. I was curious (my imagination took me back quite a years to some old movie I'd seen on the Playboy channel where the delivery boy got lucky), but this video turned out to be a little different.It was...what's the word? Cheesy. (Yes, I know - pizza - cheesy.) It's just that some porn is either bad acting in the way that they think it's good or bad acting in that it's hilarious and you're not sure if they know it's funny or not. I choose to believe they're deliberately being funny at this site. What can I say? It reminded me of a certain SNL sketch, with better acting and a much better ending. I would recommend it for anyone looking for something a little lighter than what some hardcore sites provide.

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